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Project Requirements

1. Site level within 4” to 6” for smaller sheds

  • Site level within 1” to 2” for larger sheds (approx. 140 sq/ft and above)

  • We do not level the site, we level the building.

    • *Base is not required by The Shed Guys (gravel, concrete, etc.) and is purely by choice of the customer if the site does not meet requirements

2. Minimum 18" clearance around the perimeter of the shed (from base and up)

  • Minimum 24” clearance for Livestock Shelters or for standard Sheds when next to structures/trees 7 feet and taller

  • 14' vertical clearance (no large, low hanging branches etc.)

  • NOTE: Barn Styles and Greenhouses require minimum 36" clearance around the perimeter (from base and up)

3. Reliable power source within 150 ft.

  • If Generator is required, refer to OPTIONS

4. Payment due, in full, on day of installation

  • Payment required prior to construction if customer will be unavailable at time of completion.



*For scheduling purposes and preparation: 

1. Site must meet requirements at least 5 days prior to delivery, and,

2. Final specifications of your Shed must be confirmed at least 4 days prior to delivery.

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