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Project Requirements

1. Site level within 4” to 6” for smaller sheds

  • Site level within 1” to 2” for larger sheds (approx. 140 sq/ft and above)

  • We do not level the site, we level the building.

2. Minimum 18" clearance around the perimeter of the shed (from base and up)

  • Minimum 24” clearance for Livestock Shelters or for standard Sheds when next to structures/trees 7 feet and taller

  • 14' vertical clearance (no large, low hanging branches etc.)

  • NOTE: Barn Styles and Greenhouses require minimum 36" clearance around the perimeter (from base and up)

3. Reliable power source within 150 ft.

  • If Generator is required, refer to OPTIONS

4. Payment due, in full, on day of installation

  • Payment required prior to construction if customer will be unavailable at time of completion.



*For scheduling purposes and preparation: 

1. Site must meet requirements at least 5 days prior to delivery, and,

2. Final specifications of your Shed must be confirmed at least 4 days prior to delivery.

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