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Dimensions Guide

When deciding which Shed style and size are right for you, it is important to understand which dimension means what.

When referring to the Classic Shed Style, Cabin, Rancher, Barn, or Greenhouse, the first number determines the width of the "front" of the Shed.


Shown here is a 6(W)x8(L) Shed Style

"Front Door Entry"

The second number determines the length of the "side" of the Shed. In this case, the width is 6 feet, and the length or depth is 8 feet.

In contrast, the first number in the dimensions for the Lean-To Style, Woodshed, and Livestock Shelters determine the overall length of the Shed, where the second number is the width or depth.


Shown here is a 12(L)x8(W) Lean To, where the "Front" (sometimes referred to as the "high side") is 12 feet long, and the  width is 8 feet.

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